Child Support in Washington County Maryland

In Hagerstown Maryland and other communities in Washington County, the enforcing and collection agency for child support is the Washington County Department of Social Services (hereinafter DSS) located at 100 South Potomac in Hagerstown.

Md. FAMILY LAW Code Ann. § 5-1001  (2013)

§ 5-1001. Definitions

  (a) In general. — In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

(b) Administration. — “Administration” means the Child Support Enforcement Administration of the Department.

Parents living anywhere in Washington County, from Williamsport to Sandy Hook, who wish to open a child support case are charged 25.00 and are required to complete an application.

For example, a mother in Funkstown might apply for support including an Affidavit of Paternity.  At this point the case is assigned a CSES number which is a child support “account.”  If the “putative” father in Boonsboro contests paternity, he is required to do so in writing.

If a parent is the recipient of any “services” including Maryland State Health Insurance, Day Care Vouchers, WIC or TCA they are required to participate in the establishment and collection of child support .  Then the Maryland Child Support  Administration may prosecute the matter as provided in Maryland Annotated Code, Family Law Volume Section 5-1011:

§ 5-1011. Administration as complainant

  (a) Representation. –

  (1) The Administration may be the complainant in any proceeding under this subtitle in which the Administration is providing child support services under federal law.

After a Complaint for Establishment is filed by DSS, and paternity is established, the parents will be required to go to the Hagerstown office and participate in a “Support Conference” as described in Maryland Annotated Code.

The parents will be required to bring documentation necessary for calculation of the appropriate Maryland Child Support Guidelines.  These documents include, but are not limited to income, work related child care expenses, health insurance expenses for the child and other expenses as may be appropriate.

Following the Support Conference, an agreement is usually reached and the child support amount is established along with any arrearages which might be appropriate.  Once the child support is established the payor parent’s wages will be attached.

The wage garnishment would be effective on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending upon when and how the payor parent is paid.  A salesman for a business in Keedysville might be paid monthly, while a seasonal employee in Smithsburg might be paid weekly.

The funds are credited to the respective parents’ CSES account number and can be confirmed by phone or on the internet.

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